-Basic Facial Plus Mask
Advanced Facial Plus Mask.RF
-Radio frequency lifting treatment
-Special Treatment For Pimple Skin Plus Special Serum


A new type of facial esthetics that heals your face and scalp with special cosmetics and skilled hand techniques.

Tighten your skin for a bright, fresh and lively look!

For fresh and lustrous skin with water light beautiful skin treatment!

Body Treatment

-Back Treatment
Body Slimming Treatment
-M Cube 20/30/40

We devised this method that involved people who focused
on areas such as the abdomen, shoulders, buttocks,
and rear legs.

We perform precise treatment by making full use of the technique of applying force from the elbow to the fingers of the hand and the technique of picking up with 10 fingers at once.

-Octagonal cupping
-Cebu Style Back Hilot

OCTAGONAL CUPPING (upper or lower body)
Incorporating traditional Chinese beauty,
cupping that pushes points while sucking leads to
a beautiful body.

A 30-minute intensive care course for the back, which tends
to be tense in daily life, using the traditional Filipino treatment "Hilot".

A dynamic hand technique using ten fingers carefully cares
for the entire back, from the shoulder blades to the ribs and around the waist.

The waist is carefully massaged with a powerful technique like grabbing it. It is a treatment that is done in a way that is similar to the flow of lymph, leading to refreshment of both body and mind.

M Cube 20/30/40
"M3wave (three waveforms)" developed for body care works on muscles. Efficient care for each person's different body with a wide variety of low frequencies while changing the frequency.Up to 8 areas can be treated at one time, aiming for an ideal body with a wide range of treatments. Feel refreshed and refreshed after the course. It is also recommended for those who cannot exercise regularly. You can choose from
3 courses according to your condition.

Postpartum Recovery

YU LI aroma head spa

The scalp and hair with steaming using a fine mist.

This is a course that leads to relaxation while caring for the scalp and hair with a new type of comfortable shampoo table and steaming with fine mist. First, after checking the elasticity and color of the scalp, use aroma cleansing to care for old sebum and keratin .

Enjoy a soothing and relaxing time with a wet towel treatment wrapped in a towel.

The fine mist will give you deep relaxation.

After finishing with hair restorer care and neck, shoulder, and back